Sunday, June 29, 2008

A New Beginning

Last Friday, I left my job at a major law firm to start a new adventure embracing my entrepreneurial side. I will be working with a friend at her event company and will also be helping my parents with the running of their foundation. My husband also is also looking into purchasing a home to fix up and then sell as the market in our area is still strong. Add to that plans to make some big changes to our backyard and finish part of our basement and my plan to not spend so much time working looks to be a pipe dream.

Additionally, as part of this new direction I have taken a large pay cut. So I am embracing frugality and conservation. In the coming weeks and months, I will try to share my successes and failures, tips and information I find on frugality, conservation and green living.

Finally, if that isn't enough, my husband is researching the purchase of a home to fix up to sell. Single family home values in our area have held up very well even in this tougher market. So I will be helping to manage that project as well if it comes to fruition.

Oh, I shouldn't have said finally, as I also plan on ripping out an awful row of hedges in preparation for a garden next year and removing an awful patio deck in the backyard to be replaced by a paver stone patio. So it will be a busy summer and fall.

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