Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have a reason for my absence...

It has been forever and a day since I have posted. I have a good excuse I promise.

There have been big doings here at Casa Gooch.

After six months on the market, dozens of showings and several price drops, we have finally sold our house here in Chicagoland. Which led to several weekends spent looking for a new home. Last weekend we found our new home in Western Michigan. To check out the listing photos, click here.

We are in the process of going through inspections and attorney review but as things currently stand, the new owners will take possession of our house on June 25 and we will close on our new home on July 1.

Now that we are under contract with both houses under contract, I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming (menu planning, new recipes, fun crafts and other posts). And once we move, I will have a big kitchen to do my cooking in. It will be such a nice change from our current teeny kitchen.

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Sarah said...

Holy crap! LOVING the kitchen.

Kasha said...

Congratulations on the new house! That looks fun to decorate! I especially love the kitchen! I just moved into my house (our first house). It is older and I hope someday we can afford to fix it up, but it is so fun. Unfortunately I couldn't sell my previous condo. Here's hoping the market picks up! I love your blog and especially enjoy your menus! Come check out mine sometime!

What's Cookin Chicago said...

Congratulations! Your new home looks beautiful!!


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