Sunday, January 9, 2011

Menu Plan for January 10, 2011

Doesn't it seem like the best laid plans come apart as soon as you make them?   It seems that this as been the case since one of my resolutions was to be better about planning our menus and posting the new recipes we have been trying.  Well both have already fallen by the wayside.  Between the home renovations (at least the new bamboo floors are finally done), our dog (who thinks she needs to oversee the renovations) and work, things have been busier than I planned.  And if you are going to post recipes, it helps to actually remember to take photos of the dishes before they are consumed.  Yeah, I haven't been too good about that part.  So I have about six or seven recipes that could be blogged but, yup you guessed it, no photos. 

All that being said, we have a plan for this week.  Yay!!  It isn't particularly ambitious but there are a couple of new things or variations on some of our favorites. 

Monday:  Parmesan coated salmon
Tuesday:  FITF since Mr. Gooch has class
Wednesday:  Beef meatballs (this time mixed with cheese tortellinis)
Thursday:  FITF since Mr. Gooch has class
Friday:  Crock pot roast
Saturday:  Oregano chicken (from Easy Cooking with 5 Ingredients by Barbara C. Jones)

If you need help with your menu plan, visit to see what others have planned.

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