Monday, July 6, 2009

Back on the Market

I have been MIA for the last several weeks. OK for almost 2 months. I have a good excuse, I promise.

Instead of posting from our new home in Michigan (the one with the great kitchen), we had to put our house back on the market.

Just days before we were supposed to close on our current home and after we had boxed up 90% of our belongings in preparation for the move, we learned that our buyers had problems with their financing and needed an extension, then another extension, then another extension. At that point, with no end in sight, we told the buyers we couldn't wait on them any more and needed to put the house back on market.

The end result was that we lost the house in our new location since we are using the equity from this house for the down payment, we have to put our current home back on the market having missed out on the prime months of May and June for showings and we are out almost two thousand dollars on various inspections, fixes, appraisal, etc. with nothing to show for it except dozens of boxes in the basement (I can't find anything) and several nights of tears.

So we are back in limbo. There is still a remote chance that the original buyers will come through with their financing but we are not holding our breath. On a positive note, we know that the house is priced right for the market since we got the results from the buyer's appraisal less than a month ago. That is about the only bright spot in all of this.

I will try to post more regularly now that our time isn't taken up by appointments, meetings and driving back and forth to Michigan dealing with house stuff there.

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#1SAHM said...

OMG how awful! I'm so sorry you're going through this! GL with everything!


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