Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Are Under Contract...Again

The roller coaster ride that is selling and buying a home continues.

After being back on the market for a week and a day, we received another offer. For the same amount as the previous contract. With buyers with what appears to be a much stronger pre-approval letter.

So if all goes well, we will complete the sale of our current home on August 5 and close on the purchase of our new home (the same one we were going to purchase before) on August 6 or 7 (we are still working that part out).

This buyers inspection is Tuesday so once that hurdle is cleared, we are just waiting on financing. Since the house has been inspected twice in the past 3 months (Village Inspection and the previous buyer's inspection), we are not too concerned about anything new popping up.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

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