Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Are Back - with a Menu Plan!

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few months. There have been some big doings here at Casa Gooch and we have fallen so far off the menu planning, cooking new recipes and blogging wagons that I am not sure what the wagon even looks like anymore.

The Mister and I had gotten new jobs but our schedules totally did not connect which meant no meals together (boo hiss). So we each found another (better) job with (better) more regular schedules so we have been slowly working our way to a regular dining schedule since we actually are together in the evenings.

The summer heat has meant mainly grilling basics like chicken and brats which aren't really blogworthy. That and just being out and about for summer related activities means not much cooking at home.

We also had a freezer and a pantry that were in total organizational disarray so we really had no idea what we even had available so we did end up making plenty of calls to the local pizza place (I am positive they recognize our number by now) since that was easier than trying to dig through the chaos.

But now that things are settling in, back to being organized and cooling off a bit, we are back.

This week, to get back in the swing we are making some of our favorite dishes. But in the coming weeks, we will have new or improved recipes.

Sunday: Pizza (from our local place)
Monday: Teriyaki chicken on the grill (using Trader Joe's fabulous marinade), steamed veggies and brown rice
Tuesday: Sate chicken stir-fry with tri-colored peppers and brown rice
Wednesday: BBQ Salmon with steamed veggies and brown rice
Thursday: Crockpot Chicken with potatoes and carrots
Friday: Picnic at a local concert venue (Still working on the menu).
Saturday: Seasoned Steak Perfection, with roasted potatoes and corn on the cob

One big change in our menu planning is our usual "Forage in the Frige" or FITF is gone for the most part. Now that Mr. Gooch and I have access to microwaves at work, leftovers have become lunch. Now I just need to get more containers for our lunches.

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Sarah said...

You're alive!! Menu looks good. Good to have you back!


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