Monday, July 7, 2008

Attack the Shrubs and Share the Hostas

Today Mr. Gooch and I attacked the row of shrubbery and hostas. I have been dreaming of taking them out since the day we moved in. The shrubs are fast growing, need to be trimmed almost weekly in the summer and bugs seem to love them. So out they go. Cue sound of chain saw. The best part is that once the shrubs and hostas are gone, I can start preparing the beds for our garden next year.

The only problem I have is the hostas at the base of the shrubs are in great shape and can probably each be divided into several smaller plants. I didn't just want to throw them way so, on the advice on one of the community boards I frequent, I offered them up on our local Freecycle group. To find your local group, visit I will let you know how that all goes.


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