Sunday, July 6, 2008

Organizing the Pantry

So my big project yesterday was organizing the pantry and lazy susan. We have a teeny kitchen with little storage space so being organized is key. The lazy susan and the pantry found in the stairs to the basement are the only spaces we have for storing food, staples and supplies, especially since I hate having things cluttering up the countertops and on top of the fridge. Turns out that after grouping like things together, we even have some extra space left over. Along with more cans of soup than we really need and not as many crackers as I thought.

Plus it gave me the chance to use my labeler (which makes me a total nerd, I know). Mr. Gooch was not as thrilled as I was about the organizing until I told him that our shopping list is tiny this week since I found several of the items I was going to put on the list when organizing and rearranging.

No before pics, it was too awful. But here are a few updated pics.

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