Thursday, July 24, 2008

Reduction of Stuff by 100 Items

So I was reading several of my usual financial related/frugal living web sites and blogs and came across a review of a challenge by David Michael Bruno on his site. It is the 100 Thing Challenge (

Now while I think that owning only 100 things would make life easier, I know that I could not survive. I am a materialist. I like my books and my shoes and my baking stuff and my new dishes we got for our wedding and the jewelry my parent have given me that were purchased during travels and and and. Yes, I will admit, I like my stuff.

So I came up with my own version of the challenge. The Reducing Stuff By 100 Things Challenge. The plan is to donate 100 of my belongings the Howard Brown Health Center Brown Elephant Resale Shop by the end of August. The Howard Brown Health Center provides health care and services for the LGBT community in Chicagoland. To learn more you can visit I am a firm believer, if you cannot donate to the charity of your choice through a direct financial donation, there are other ways to show your support. This is one of the ways that I show my support.
From a financial perspective, the donation of 100 items means we will have a healthy tax write off for 2008.

I will post updates as the count down to 100 continues.

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