Friday, July 18, 2008

Working From Home - Harder Than I Expected But Easier on the Budget

I have survived my first week in my new consulting/working from home gig and I already have run into a few snags.

I am learning that working at home is HARD. I am constantly getting distracted. Mr. Gooch works nights so for much of the day it is as if I am alone since he is sleeping, but once he gets up it is harder to stay on task. We are still getting used to seeing each other during the week so we end up talking and goofing off when I should be working. Also, I am having a hard time getting into a routine. My goal had been to get up, work out, then head to the home office at what was my usual starting time at the law firm. That has not happened. I also have to get used to just being home. I have a list a mile long of things to do around this place and feel like I should be working on those items. I have to remember that I still have to get work done versus doing something like trying to prep the trim in the bathroom to get painted.

And I still have not met with my accountant. Hopefully that meeting will happen next week. I need to get all those ducks in a row before I invoice anyone for services rendered. I have been such a slacker.

The one shining moment of the week is when I realized that I have hardly spent any money. My only expenditures were dinner for Mr. Gooch and I at Chipotle, lunch with a potential client, coffee on the way to a meeting with my supervisor and some books at Borders (one of which was work related). A total of $73.15. My usual expenditures when I was working in the office were significantly higher than that once I figured in Diet Cokes and snacks from the vending machines, the morning latte, the afternoon snack, gas and parking.

So for next week:

1. Try to get into a regular routine
2. Meet with accountant
3. Pick one thing off the "to do" list to complete over the course of the week
4. Organize the office

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