Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's Better Than Friends Coming to Dinner? Adding Cheese and the Wii to the Mix

A few Saturdays ago, Mr. Gooch and I had a couple of my friends (Ms. Fort, who gave me the recipe for the Chardonnay Dill Sauce and Ms. Baker, who gave me a potato recipe to be featured later this month) over for dinner. We told them to dress comfortably since we would be playing with our new Wii. I mean who doesn't like a little bowling, tennis and deBlob after dinner.

Now to gather our strength for the games later, we needed to start off the evening with appetizers. We decided to keep things easy, with a cheese platter. On the platter were three cheeses. The first was one of the staple cheeses in our house, Boursin cheese. I love the creamy texture of this cheese. And the fact we can get it at Costco is even better.

For the others, we went to a jewel in our area, the Marion Street Cheese Market. When we want to get an exceptional cheese (or two, three or five), we jump in the car and head directly to this shop. This trip, Mr. Gooch picked up two spectacular cheeses. The first (on the left in the photo above) was Pleasant Ridge Reserve, a domestic nutty and complex Gruyere-style cheese made in Wisconsin. This one was picked for me. I love a good Gruyere.

The second (on the right in the photo above) was Montgomery's Cheddar from Neal's Yard Dairy in the United Kingdom. Mr. Gooch picked this one out. He liked the crumbly texture and strong flavors of this cheese.

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What's Cookin Chicago said...

I so have to make a trip out to Marion Street Cheese Market!

That Girl said...

I never tried freezing the soup, I made just enough for dinner. However - it's broth based, so I would think it would freeze pretty well.


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