Monday, March 16, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - A Tasty Week Planned

Last week we were about 75% on making our planned meals. We are moving Birria (Mexican-style pot roast) in the crock pot to this week and we made a Taco Bake instead of Spaghetti Pie just because I was hankering the Mexican seasoning versus the Italian spices of the Spaghetti Pie.

I am hoping that the two new recipes on this week's menu plan taste as good as they sound. And since I have training for a temp job with the US Census on Wednesday, Mr. Gooch will be alone for dinner. Thus the crockpot used for that day's dinner.

Sunday: Out for dinner. We again had some late afternoon showings.
Monday: Parmesan Ranch Chicken
Tuesday: Taco Bake. I split the dish from last week into two 9x9 pans.
Wednesday: Birria (Mexican-style pot roast) in the crock pot
Thursday: Gooch Test Kitchen. We will be trying out several recipes to submit to cooking contests. Including a grilled beef dish and a sweet potato dish.
Friday: FITF (Forage in the Fridge)
Saturday: FITF or grilling (depending on the weather and the number of leftovers in the fridge).

As always, we will be having a romaine salad and a veggie with every dinner.

I will report back next week on how the recipes turned out.

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1 Comment:

Unknown said...

Are you training to be a Census Taker? I thought that wasn't till next year?
Love reading your menu plan.
Enjoying my day off, doing some MPM blog visiting and listening to Dr. Laura's radio show.
I hope that you have beautiful spring weather in your neck of the woods.


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