Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Pantry Eating

This is an eating out of the fridge/freezer/pantry week.

Why you ask? Well, Mr. Gooch is always complaining that we have too much food so I decided to see if we could do all of our meals from those three places. The plan is to just buy a few perishable items like lettuce for salads, fruit and yogurt for snacks and lunches, a loaf of fresh Italian bread and a couple of gallons of milk for our coffee/shakes/etc.

Unfortunately after pulling together the menu plan, Mr. Gooch did have a point. We did have a ton of stuff in the fridge/freezer/pantry and it was very easy to pull off the menu plan

Sunday: Late lunch with Mr. Gooch's mom at Big Bowl (one of my FAV restaurants in the area) so we did the Forage in the Fridge (FITF) when we got hungry later.
Monday: FITF (we still had some leftovers from late last week)
Tuesday: WW Southern "Oven Fried" Chicken per request from Mr. Gooch, canned corn, romaine salad and garlic bread
Wednesday: Braised Herb Chicken Thighs With Potatoes Recipe with frozen crinkle carrots, romaine salad and garlic bread
Thursday: FITF
Friday: Sandra Lee's Old No. 7 Tri-Tip with canned corn, fingerling potatoes, romaine salad and toasted Italian bread
Saturday: Chinese Night - Pot Stickers, Egg Rolls and Orange Chicken (from the frozen section at Costco) with steamed rice and romaine salad

Wow, turns out we have lots of tasty stuff in our house.

And the weekly grocery budget is going to like it too.

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Sarah said...

MMMMMMMM Oven fried chicken


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