Sunday, January 24, 2010

Having a Cuppa - January is National Tea Month

I love tea.  I love green teas, fruit teas, black teas, white teas.  I especially like a cuppa in the evening on a cold winter night. If we have a fire in the fireplace, all the better.

Since January is National Hot Tea Month, I thought that I would share my favorite tea shop with you.  Todd & Holland Tea Merchants located in Forest Park, Illinois.  This is a gem located just west of Chicago on Forest Park's main street.  With dozens of different types of teas ranging from green to black to oolong to jasmine to herbal and more, their shop is a delight to visit.  I loved stopping in just to spend time smelling all the different types of tea. 

In addition to teas, you can find teapots, tea cups and other tea related accessories.

Before we moved away six months ago, I stopped in to stock up on some of my favorite teas and tisanes.   These included Serendipity, Moroccan Mint, Several Rooibos varieties, Vanilla Flavored Black Tea along with several others.   

I am actually sitting here drinking some Serendipity as I write this post and Mr. Gooch is drinking a cuppa of the Morrocan Mint while he is trying to conquer the world in one of his computer games.  Such a nice way to end the evening. 

Take a few minutes to check out the shop's web site and maybe sign up to get one of thier catalogs so you too can enjoy one of the amazing varieties Todd & Holland carries. 

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