Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of January 10

Last week we tried two new recipes.  Neither were a real hit though one was totally my fault.  Note:  reading IS fundamental.  See why here.  But this week we are back to trying new recipes (and a redo of last week's mishap).  Here's hoping they are a greater success than last week. 

Sunday:  Mr. Gooch is cooking.  I have no idea.  Will report back later in the week.
Monday:  Penne with Cream and Smoked Salmon (a new recipe)
Tuesday:  Beef Cooked in Red Wine (a new recipe)
Wednesday:  Chili-Spiced Chicken (this is our recipe redo)
Thursday:  Chicken Quesedillas (using the leftover chicken from Wednesday)
Friday:  Forage in the Fridge
Saturday:  Forage in the Fridge

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1 Comment:

Colie's Kitchen said...

Sounds like a really great menu thank you for sharing it!!


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