Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bauck Bauck - Chicken Quesedillas

I love the chicken quesedilla. I love it's cheesy goodness, the crispiness of the tortilla, the spiciness of the chicken, all of it is so good.

But like the snake in Eden, all is not good is the garden of quesedillas. Tortillas are high in fat, cheese is high in fat, all in all not a very low-cal meal. But I was determined to make a lower fat version at home.

First, find a tortilla that was not so full of the bad stuff. Check. I found La Tortilla Factory tortillas that are actually 0 points due to the low cal, high fiber, low fat numbers.

Second, get a tasty cheese. I found a low fat finely shredded co-jack. The fine shred lets you get better coverage with less. 1/3 cup is 2 points.

Third, the chicken. I boiled and shredded skinless chicken breasts. The lowest cal way I could think of. To give it some kick in the quesedilla, I seasoned the meat with taco seasoning and a few drops of Chipotle Tabasco. 3 oz. of chicken is 3 points.

Seasonings and accouterments were low/no cal as well. Chipotle Tabasco, Taco Sauce, low fat sour cream (for Mr. Gooch).

The final product was pretty darn tasty. And they look pretty darn good too. I used another pan to press the tortillas together on the grilled, helping to really bring ot the grill marks.

The best part was when I did the math and figured that our entire dinner was 11 points. That included a large salad, the chicken quesedilla and small serving of spanish rice.

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