Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Monday is our actual anniversary but Mr. Gooch has to work. So last night we went out to celebrate.

Mr. Gooch made all plans and the night's activities were a surprise until just before we left. Turns out we had reservations at Smith & Wollensky in downtown Chicago. S&W is where we went the evening we got engaged so it was the perfect location to celebrate our first year of marriage.
The evening started out perfectly with no traffic holdups on our way into the city. For those who live in Chicago, you know how rare that is on a Saturday night. Even though we were early, there was a table ready and we didn't have to wait. Again, another rarity.
Our starters were the crab cake for Mr. Gooch and the Cesar salad for me. I just love a good Cesar salad and the one I was served was a good one. The dressing was creamy with just a hint of sharpness. Just the way I like it. Mr. Gooch raved about the crab cake, saying the crab was so sweet and the lumps were just huge.

We ordered steaks for our main course. I had the bone-in rib eye with the Cajun seasoning. Mr. Gooch had the New York strip also with the Cajun seasoning. We both loved the seasoning and had to ask our waitress Carrie how it had the great taste without the "burn" that you get with many Cajun spiced dishes. Apparently the steaks are marinated in a Cajun flavored oil versus the spices being rubbed right onto the meat. Once the steak is grilled, more of this oil is applied to the cooked meat. So we will now be on the hunt for a great Cajun oil so we can try to reproduce this same taste at home.

Our side was hashed potato. This dish had a crunchy crust with soft buttery texture underneath. Very very good.
Photo: Anna Grafton/The Daily Pennsylvanian

The crowing glory was dessert. The signature 7-layer chocolate cake topped with a cow shaped chocolate cookie for me. Mr. Gooch had the New York-style cheesecake.
There was enough left over for us to have leftovers tonight. Just as good the next day.
I would recommed Smith & Wollensky for any steak or seafood lover.

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