Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meal Plan Monday - Fail and Plan

So last week was a bit of a Fail in the menu planning department. We only ate 1 meal planned and this was totally my fault. I forgot on a couple occasions to take the meat for dinner out of the freezer so had to come up with something on the fly. Or, I realized too late that we didn't have the right ingredients to make a dish. Ugh!

So this week, I did a complete survey before planning our menu. No surprises this week.

Sunday: Leftovers from our Anniversary Dinner at Smith & Wollensky
Monday: Cheese Ravioli with choice of pesto cream sauce or tomato cream sauce and best of all, the top of our wedding cake since Monday is our actual Anniversary.
Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Pockets (Variation on this recipe)
Wednesday: Pot Roast with our version of Pioneer Woman's Crashed Potatoes (blog post on this one coming later today)
Thursday: Leftovers
Saturday: On my own, Mr. Gooch is going to watch a friend's fight.

Will report back next week to let you know how we make out this week on the Plan.

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$5 Dinner Mom said...

Welcome to MPM! Looks like you guys have a fun week ahead! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your cake!

Sonshine said...

Welcome to MPM!

Happy Anniversary!

I like your version of the crashed potatoes too! I make mine the same way except I add real bacon bits along with the seasonings while they bake and then hot of the oven I sprinkle them with shredded cheese! Yummy!!!

Sounds like you have a fun & yummy week ahead! Enjoy your week! :)

valley view farm said...

Getting used to actually having a menu plan is the trick. Once you are used to it you will just be thinking about dinner way ahead of time and prep when needed.

Those Crashed Potatoes are a whole new concept to me and they sound wonderful!! Cant wait to try them!


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