Sunday, December 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a bit hit or miss. But the main thing was that even though we didn't follow the menu plan exactly, we didn't just head right to the take out option. For us that is a HUGE accomplishment.

With that, I am onto this week's menu. Again, I am filling with our favorites plus one new (and tasty sounding) recipe.

Sunday: Forage in the Fridge (FITF)
Monday: Pot Roast with Herbs
Tuesday: Turkey Spaghetti Pie
Wednesday: Rotisserie Chicken
Thursday: Sauteed Herbed Salmon with Creamy Leeks and Bacon
Friday: FITF
Saturday: Either FITF or eating out

Leftovers will be used on FITF nights or for lunches.

I am going to make some muffins for breakfasts and snacks.

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