Sunday, January 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Below is our menu plan for the week. As usual, we are only planning to prepare three actual meals since we have so much left over, it takes us the rest of the week to eat out the fridge.

Sunday: Forage in the Fridge (FITF)
Monday: FITF
Tuesday: Asian Grilled Salmon
Wednesday: Dijon Thyme Chicken
Thursday: Turkey Spaghetti Pie
Friday: FITF
Saturday: FITF or Take Out

Sides will be our usual assortment of rice, potatoes or pasta. Veggies to include carrots, corn and green beans with a side salad each night.

Breakfasts will be cereal, yogurt and coffee (can't skip that).

Lunches will be FITF. We usually have frozen meals, sandwiches or anything else that strikes our fancy.

Make sure you check out to see what others have planned for this week's menus.

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Aisling said...

ooooh salmon, yummmmm, my boys won't eat it so I only get to have it when it's me and hubby on our own.

What's Cookin Chicago said...

Looks like a great week of meals planned!


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