Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick and Easy Chicken Pita Pockets

I was in my local Trader Joe's not too long ago and saw some whole wheat pitas. Unable to pass them up, I bought a pack (along with several other things. I mean who can leave that store without a whole bag of tasty treats?), and headed home. Once I got home and checked the cupboard and fridge, I knew exactly what I was going to make. It was going to be of my quick and easy college standby meals.

When reading this recipe, keep in mind that back in the day my cooking skills were pretty limited and I lived in a dorm room with only a mini fridge so any food prep was minimal (to say the least).

Even so, I still love this. You can also put the chicken mixture on a toasted bagel with a piece of cheese melted on top.

Chicken in a Pita
(Source: My brain, in college, when addled by too much reading and not enough Coca-Cola)
1 can cooked chicken
2 Tablespoons Low fat Italian Dressing (you can add more or less depending on your preference)
2 Tablespoons Grated Parmesan cheese (though I always add more)
any additional spices you prefer (I usually add a bit of garlic powder or seasoned salt and some additional Italian herbs)
Pita (s)
Veggies (like peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots)

Open and drain can of chicken
Place into a medium sized bowl
Add Italian dressing
Mix completely
Add Parmesan cheese
Mix completely
Cut pita in half so you have 2 pockets
Fill each pocket with the chicken mixture
Add any other raw veggies you desire. (I often add peppers, thinly sliced carrots and cucumbers for some crunch.)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, a creative college meal! I ate a lot of meals like this i college. I also ate a lot of frozen chicken nuggets with pre-bagged salad greens and ranch dressing. Those were the days! ;)

What's Cookin Chicago said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the new TJs out there! I like their wheat pitas - so tasty and this looks great!

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

This looks fantastic!!!!


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