Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farmer's Market Score - Blackberries and Peaches

Mr. Gooch and I struck gold at the farmer's market last weekend. The blackberries and peaches were gorgeous, so we purchased both. At that point I didn't have any idea what I was going to make, just that I needed to find something that would include these two ingredients. I loved the idea of the sweetness of the peaches and the tarter flavors of the blackberries combining into something absolutely tasty.

I was browsing through various cooking blogs and recipe sites and I found a great recipe on the Good Things Catered blog. Her recipe for Blackberry Peach Crumble was just what I was looking for. Mr. Gooch thought it was tasty though he did think that vanilla ice cream would have make it just about perfect. The recipe was quick and easy to put together and my only comment was that the next time I make this recipe, I will cut back on the lemon. The lemon I chose must have been extra juicy because the lemon-y flavor seemed quite strong.

I am already looking forward to Saturday to see if there are more good blackberries and peaches.

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Aww! Thanks for reading my blog! I'm glad it worked out for you! It looks great. (and ps - I totally serve it with vanilla ice cream - DELISH!) :)


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