Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Yum Yum - Blueberry Ice Cream

With the success of the strawberry ice cream experiment, I moved right ahead to the blueberry ice cream experiment. Partly because I love the blueberry, partly because I have about 4 cups of those tasty berries in the fridge and partly because I love being able to make my own ice cream at home.

I found an easy to follow recipe on the blog Half Baked. Her recipe for blueberry ice cream is divine. The blueberry taste is amazing and the color is a beautiful purple. It totally reminds me of the color Violet Beauregard turned in the original Willy Wonka movie.

The only changes I made were omitting the vodka (since we may be serving it to kids) and I did not strain the bits out (since I didn't have a fine sieve). I don't think either omission made an impact on the taste.
Mr. Gooch declared this experiment and even greater success than the strawberry one.

With the good peaches at the Farmer's market, I think peach may be the next recipe to try.

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