Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good versus Evil (or Low Fat versus Bad for You)

Mr. Gooch and I have been eating well lately. Too well. All the good (but not very dietetic) recipes we have been making have pushed us to the limit. The limit of our pants. So both of us are realizing that we need to get back on track in terms of eating healthy and exercising.

Which brings me back to the question that I am not the first to ask...why do the foods that taste so good end up being so bad for us? Homemade ice creams, cookies, fried foods, sauces, ranch dressing, sweet breads and on and on and on. The evil choices are endless. My personal weaknesses are pita chips, barbacoa burritos from Chipotle and chocolate.

No one in their right mind can say that broccoli or brussel sprouts or even tofu taste anywhere as good as a freshly baked peanut butter chip cookie or a blueberry muffin with strussel on top. And that is the problem isn't it? The good stuff never tastes as good as the bad stuff.

So to combat the pudge and get back on the track to good health I hauled out our Weight Watchers and Cooking Light cookbooks to start planning healthier meals. Planning of healthier meals is always a challenge because of my picky eating habits. But my first go through the WW cookbook resulted in several recipes from each section that I liked (Mr. Gooch is easy, he likes everything.) So the first fight in the battle has been won. I still need to go through the Cooking Light books but I now have hope.

Hope that good will conquer evil. That Mr. Gooch and I will lose the pudge and change our eating habits as well.

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Macaroni and Cheesecake said...

Good for you guys! My husband and I eat pretty healthy, it doesn't always mean you have to sacrifice flavor. just try subbing some of the high fat ingredients for low fat or no fat ones (like skim for whole milk, fat free sour cream for full fat sour cream, etc.)


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