Sunday, November 9, 2008

Traveling: The Horrors

So Mr. Gooch and I just traveled back from my cousin's wedding in North Carolina. It was such a fun weekend. The couple looked so happy and I can only hope that they are as happy as Mr. Gooch and I are.

As fun as the weekend was, the trip back was a bit of a challenge.

Oh, no not the way you are thinking. The flight wasn't delayed much, there was no turbulence to speak of and Mr. Gooch and I each got a whole can of Diet Coke from the drink cart instead of the usual measly single plastic cup full.

What I experienced amazed me.

First, I am so confused why people think that sitting in another person's seat is cause to become upset. We had at least three different people who sat in a seat that was not assigned to them. One young lady actually got mad at the man whose seat she was in. She wanted to sit by her friend so tried to get him to take her seat (a middle seat versus his window seat). He was not pleased by the offer and had to call the flight attendant over to get it straightened out.

Second, and this was more about the placement of our seats which were right in front of the bathroom, please keep in mind that the walls are not sound proof and so the people in row 26 can hear you grunting in the bathroom.

Lastly, (if you have a weak stomach you can stop now) we had a mother who felt that it was perfectly acceptable to hold her son's urine soaked pants up to the little air vent most people use to cool themselves off. Apparently she thought that if she held them up there for 15 or 20 minutes they would dry off. All I could think about was that we were trapped in a tube with recirculated air and it was now full of urine molecules. Blech!! I was totally disgusted. Mr. Gooch and I couldn't believe that anyone would think that doing that was OK.

But things did have a happy ending. The flight landed safely, we made it back home without incident and I was able to take a shower to get de-moleculized. I was never so happy to shower in my life.

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