Monday, September 22, 2008

Easy No Sew Pillows

As part of the staging of our living room, I needed to create some colorful pillows to break up the neutralness (is that a word?) of the walls and the furniture.

I had purchased a number of large napkins several years ago from the Crate & Barrel Outlet with the intent of making pillows. But the hitch in my giddy up, so to speak, was the fact that I don't own a sewing machine. I did end of making three pillows stitching them by hand and it took me days so I resolved to never do that again.

Fast forward about three years and I am again in the situation of needing to make pillows. Seven pillows to be exact. However, this time I am armed with much better tools: my handy dandy iron and iron-on adhesive. Not a needle or thread in sight.

The steps are very easy and the main thing it to be patient on the step of bonding the two pieces of fabric together. I had to "re-iron" several sides when they didn't totally adhere to each other.

For this project you will need
at least 2 napkins (washed, dried and ironed)
iron-on adhesive
iron-on hook and loop tape (aka velcro)
iron and ironing board

Step one: Measure the washed, dried and ironed napkins to make sure you get the right size pillow. I wanted to have a flap around the edge of my pillows, so I purchased 18x18 inch pillows for a 21x21 inch napkin.

Step two: Apply the iron on adhesive to 3 edges of the wrong side of one napkin

Step three: Apply hook and loop tape (cut according to directions) to the 4th edge of the napkin.
Step four: Lay second napkin, wrong sides together and iron according to directions to "seal" the napkins together.

Step five: Carefully separate hook and look tape side and insert pillow. You now have a fab new accessory for your living/family/bed room

I think that the room looks quite nice, don't you?

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