Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Has It Been Almost Year?

Mr. Gooch and I were married almost a year ago. How the time has flown. If a year goes by so quickly, I can't imagine how fast the next 50 years will pass by.

As I was boxing stuff up in the living room, I found a copy of our wedding video DVD. Money for the video was some of the best money spent related to the wedding. The videographers were the best. Video D'Amour Productions in Michigan. Katherine and Jason are a young couple who were amazing to work with. I hardly knew they were there.

And our video trailer was amazing, if I do say so myself. You can watch it below. My favorite part is where David is spinning me. It made me dizzy but getting that shot totally made it worth it. Everyone seemed to like the trailer and one of my colleagues even asked if we had brought in a movie director to produce our video (which cracks me up).

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