Monday, September 22, 2008

Moving On - The Basement

As you know, we are putting our house on the market. And as any HGTV viewer knows, this means tackling all those home improvement projects you have been putting off.

For us, this means resealing the corner of our basement. At some point, a previous owner put up some shelves. The nails holding that up put cracks in the masonry, letting moisture seep in. So we needed to seal the cracks and reseal.

This was a pretty time consuming project that took 2 days.

Saturday, we went to the store to get all the supplies. Then it was down to the basement to scrape off all the loose sealer previously applied with a wire brush. This was dirty work and made me sneeze like crazy. Once that part was done, I mixed the Fastlok, a concrete like epoxy, to the spots that looked like they were allowing water to seep through. I didn't realize how quickly the mixture was going to setup so had to work quickly. The patches dried over night.

This morning we got up and began applying the masonry sealer. This had the consistency of plaster and we made quite a mess. This afternoon we put on coat number two. At this point I remembered that I should be taking photos.

This evening the final coat of paint went up. Sherwin Williams Lightening Bug. Not out choice but this is what the other walls of the basment are painted.

I touched up the grey paint along the edge of the floor and now I think it looks pretty darn good.

Now onto the pillows in the living room.

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