Monday, September 29, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Back on the Wagon

After skipping the menu plan last week, we are back on the wagon. Not having a plan just didn't work for us and we ended up ordering take out WAY too much.

So this week's menu is

Sunday - Falafel with yogurt dill sauce and pitas
Monday - Taco Bake (made in advance and frozen)
Tuesday - Homemade pizza (with home made dough and sauce)
Wednesday - Skillet chicken
Thursday - I have an evening event so husband is on his own
Friday - Marinated Salmon on the Grill
Saturday - Steaks (preparation TBD)

Sides will be either rice or potatoes, a veggie and salad served at each meal.

Let's hope this helps us be better on track.

Visit to see what others are planning for this week for their menu plans.

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