Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Guess You Can Go Home Again

It's official, Mr. Gooch and I will be moving. Wow, just writing that down is pretty amazing. I still can't believe that we are making plans to move back to my home town. Especially since it all began with a search of homes available there and finding a house that ended up being totally unacceptable. Note to self: remember that photos in online listings often appear better than the house actually is.

Of course, my parents are thrilled. I think that they are still in a state of shock, especially my Dad. Even though we asked them to not share the news with the rest of the family yet since we won't be moving until our house sells, he kept dropping hints to my grandmother and great aunt.

Mr. Gooch is a little sad to be leaving some of his family but Mr. Gooch's mom has even applied for several jobs in the area too. So we all may end up in the same area.

So now the hard part starts. Putting the house on the market, hoping that someone will buy it quickly at the price we want, finding jobs 3 states away and finding a new house there. Man, think we will be busy? We are lucky in that we have great realtors in both locations and through my family, a network to tap into for jobs.

So far we have started the decluttering process (how did we accumulate so much stuff in such a short time?) and staged one room, the dining room. While it looks fabulous (if I do say so myself), there are still many more to go. But we have drawn up a plan, bought some new furniture for the living room, ordered a new range for the kitchen and will be renting a storage unit to get things out of the house.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get everything done by next Wednesday when our realtor comes back to review the progress so we can get on the market.

Look for updates in the coming weeks on our progress. And on posts on all the tasty treats I will be making to make the house smell great when it is being shown. I am not above using freshly baked cookies to make people love our house.

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